Meet the Team

Wenjie Wu

I am a junior in Kelley School of Business and major in Information System, Finance, and Business Analytics. I come from China and can speak Chinese, English and Japanese. I am looking to have a career in consulting with in the finance or data analysis industry.

James Chi

My name is James Chi and I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am currently attending Indiana University studying Information Systems. My interests are mentoring, application of technology, and quantitative analysis. My passion and desire to recognize patterns and correlations behind data is what I live for.

Zubia Rauf

Hi! I'm Zubia and I'm a senior majoring in Information Systems and Business Analytics at Indiana University. I'm originally from Pakistan but I grew up on a tiny island in the Middle East named Bahrain and it is the place I call home. With my diverse background and the technical skills I've acquired at the Kelley School of Business, I hope to one day work for an international consulting firm.

Brandon Britton

My name is Brandon Britton and I am studying information systems and supply chain management Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Outside of my studies I enjoy a variety of hobbies including backpacking, coding, and traveling.

“5G is such a technologically important leap forward – Without it the future smart cities we dream about where everything is connected simply wouldn’t be possible.”